Monday, November 1, 2010

Drugstore Haul/Mini Review

Today I went out to get another Eyeshadow base...Because I absolutely hate Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer. That stuff was a little cakey and I do not like having little white blotches on my eye. $8 wasted :(So I decided to pick up Loreal De-Crease which was $7.50. The formula is much smoother than Palladio. and the colour blends fairly well with my complexion, so I didn't have to worry about white blotches. Yeah for good buys. I really want to try the Urban Decay Primer Potion which I hear is absolutely wonderful...but for now I'll stick with my Loreal.

The next other purchase today was the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. I got it in Caramel (Dark 2). At the bottom it says Airbrush Finish, which kinda drew me in because I like and even looking complexion. I do not normally wear foundation, because I don't like my face feeling so heavy, but I got this because Eid is coming up and I want to look great in pictures. My face alhumdulillah is fairly even, but I wanted a little help...I love the fact that this foundation doesn't feel heavy at all, it's light and a little bit goes a long way.Down side...The worst thing about buying foundation or anything similar is you can not colour match, unless they have testers, but in my case the didn't, and I didn't want to open something and try it out and then leave it back on the shelf, which I see a lot of people do and that is something that aggravates me. Anyways the shade is a little bit too dark for me..but it's not too too bad where people would notice.

Wow, I was raking through that Maybelline aisle I got two more Maybelline products. The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in "Glam Black" and Eyestudio Gel Liner in "Blackest Black. I love Gel liners. I have Mac Fluideline in "Blacktrack" and I've been using it for years. I love the consistency, you don't need to put on too much, no clumping, I can go on but I wont because it's about Maybelline Gel Liner. I degrees...a big fat whomp whomp. I hate it. The colour comes out sheer. What is the point of making it sheer. On the package it says "Intense Colour".
This would mean I would have to use more to achieve this "intense colour". Both MAC and Maybelline are the same size 3g/.1oz

so technically by default MAC is the better buy and more cost effective. The colour comes out very opaque, and just need to stroke it across the eye one time to get the full colour. I guess the only good thing about Maybelline Gel Liner is that it came with a brush.

Lastly for fun I got a little treat for my 2 year old son...

We've tried with before during one of his bath times and he LOVED it. Its a Sesame Street brand "Fizzy Tub Colors". He has a slight obsession with Elmo, and anything sesame street related. He is a boy who loves to colour on my walls and just about everywhere. SO I thought why not colour up the water. This package cost about $1 and it comes with 6 tablets. It says for up to 6 baths but realistically speaking he will not use 1/ it's more like 2-3 But it was fun and he loved it so that's all that matters. They also come in a bigger package, I don't remember how many tablets it had but that one was about $5. I also know Crayola makes a similar product. I don't know the price range though.

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