Monday, November 29, 2010

Hijab Collection

As-Salaam Alaikum readers:

So I was a little bored and decided to take a pictures of all my hijabs. I have been meaning to do this since my Hijab organization post but I kept forgetting and I was a bit busy/lazy. But yes, I was re-inspired by this post I read on Maniac Muslim...I thank my one loyal follower for pushing my lazy behind to finally getting around to doing this...

I mainly have shayla style (Rectangle) Hijabs. Those are easily purchased anywhere really. I also own a few square ones and 2 triangles one. I have a lot more back home (pre-marriage) but I don't expect to be receiving them in the mail any time soon...It's been over 3 years. I have 4 sisters so yes I know where they went. Anywho here is the "collection". I am purposely adding quotations because I don't know if this qualifies as a me I think a "collection is something that is looked at and admired and just sits there untouched.. But I actually use these.. any who, here is it... sorry for the rambling.

This is not even all my hijabs, I didn't want to dig in my closet...le sigh. Most of my shiney ones are with fancy outfits I have packed away...see I am lazy!!

Fashion Fonder: Stripes

There is something about polka dots and stripes that instantly catch my attention. Perhaps it's the simplicity of them both. Today I'm focusing mainly on stripes. They seem to be everywhere this season. Usually they are in full force during the warmer months with the whole nautical theme that seems to never go away. I guess people like pretending that they are sailors..anyways I am glad that this trend isn't setting sail (sorry I had too) anytime soon. I get all happy inside when I see stripes especially if its in the combination of yellow and Grey.

All items from Forever21

Okay I think I went a little overboard with the images...but I LOVE stripes..

PS, please follow me if you like, greatly appreciated.

Today's Outfit: Finally Fall

Today it actually feels like fall. I am happy because I hate heat, and this is a great change. I decided to put on a sweater and some boots. I needed to go grocery shopping anyways. So yeah here's what I wore.

Scarf: Sam Moon
Sweater: Gap
Dress: Forever21

Jeans: ?

Boots: Outlet mall

Bag: Burlington Coat Factory

When I came home I was feeling a little creative and decided to try the "Criss-Cross" Hijab-Style...and failed dramatically. Here are some pics.

Hijab style fail...this was supposed to be in progress :(

The finished product side view..No likey! :(

Hers came out better..I need to practice some more.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today's Outfit: Last Week..oops!

Last Saturday I went to an Eid party, and wore this, tres cute. I love love love the red and leopard print. Anyway, here it is. I can not believe I didn't post these then.

Kameez Shalwar: Pakistan
Scarf (Black): Forever21
Scarf (Leopard Print ): Dots
Bracelets: India
Ring: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Bakers
Long Sleeve T: Dots
I've decided not to add prices anymore because I've realize thats a little bit tacky! sorry.

Apologies for the weird pic/cropping. The picture was taken on an angle (I guess that's my husband's way of being artistic.

Hehe, my wal-mart ring... LOVES. And as you can see the nail biting hasn't stopped..:(


Shiney Again!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrity Copy: Zoe Saldana

As-Salaam Alaikum, I've always wanted to try to hijabify a celebrity here's what I came up with. Pictured is Actress Zoe Saldana. Masha'Allah I think she is absolutely stunning, but I don't know how come she's not in more movies? She's not a bad actress..oh well .This look is already pretty modest..but I've added a looser/longer top..Enjoy.

By: Jean Baptiste Lacroix

1. Levi, 3. Forever21 4.Forever21, 5. Aldo, 6. Forever21, 7.Forever21

You can even pair this look with a longer cardigan, a nice red would create a beautiful overall look.

I also want to apologize for the late posting. I was BUSY. There was a Jamat from England visiting and I went to a bunch of Biyaans and all that stuff.. Alhumdulillah it was really nice meeting some ladies from across the pond. I love when Jamats come to town..Insha'allah one day I will go on Jamat myself..start out on 3 days. Insha'Allah Allah (swt) will make it easy for me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ali Baba's

So I was on the Pearl Daisy website the other day and came across these cute pants. Ali Baba's. I am in love with them,(BUTTONS <3) but sadly they are almost completely sold out. That site sell out items very fast. Unfortunately they only have Extra Large in the charcoal colour, and I think Small and E. Large in the blue. I guess its a hot item. Anywho I wanted to create a look centered around these pants, and here is what I came up with.

1: Top Shop, 2: Dots, 3: Pearl Daisy, 4: Pearl Daisy, 5: Pearl Daisy, 6: Forever21, 7: Aldo

The thing I live most about Hareem Pants, and Ali Babas is that they work well with a heel or a flat, and I think this look would be super cute with a dressy flat sandal also.. Of course if weather permits. It doesn't look like I'll be wearing much sandals these day as it's getting colder and colder as I type. I miss the summer and Miami!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Outfit

This is what I wore today, note> I have socks on..It was cold. I was originally going to wear a Grey dress-ish pant, but it was too long and I needed to hem it with the sewing machine, and I was running late, as I had to get to an appointment, so I just put on a pair of jeans.

Hijab: Sam Moon ($6)
Cover-up: Forever 21 (>$10)
Jersey Dress: Forever 21 ($5) (It was on sale)
Jeans: (Can't remember)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (2 for $8)
Socks: Wal-Mart (6 pack $3)

I have been thinking alot as to whether I should include shoes and a purse in my photos. As I am home most of the time, I don't include them, but I dont know..I just might... what do you think should I? I've done shoes on occasion, but most of the time my pics are in my bare feet :-)

This is such a gorgeous print

Fashion Fonder: Winter Coat

I am currently in the process in looking for a new winter coat. The one I currently have is a tad too small so I am in desperate need for a new one. The coat pictured below actually came with a belt as well, but I cant find it..The coat looks 10 times better with the belt :PIt's getting chillier and chillier every day. I absolutely love military style coats. I love the structure. I might get a bold colour coat, like red or royal blue just to add some spice to the dull hues of fall and winter

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eid Al-Adha 2010 Outfit

As-Salaam Alaikum All. So this was my Eid outfit from yesterday. I am still tired from all of yesterday's activities I am not going to write much. Eid Prayer was held in the Apt. Masjid, so only men were allowed. Which was fine by me because I was so tired, dressing an unwilling 2 year old and from cooking the night before..exhausting. But yea right after Eid Prayer the men went to slaughter some goats. My little boy tagged, and he enjoyed himself with all the animals. Sadly I dont have any pictures of that particular event...I dont think you would want to see those anyway. So with the boys away it gave me time to just organize and clean up a bit, and have some me time...I slept a little bit. Then it was out the door again for lunch.

My eye makeup

All clothing (Pakistan)
Gold Hijab (Forever21-$7)
Ring( Agaci-$2)
Shoes(Random store-3 shoes for $22)
Necklace(Forever21 $7)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak

As-Salaam Alaikum,

Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating today, and the same fore everyone is who celebrating tomorrow. We're going to be celebrating Eid tomorrow insha'allah. I am excited, because I get to dress up in sparklies. After Eid prayer we're going to lunch to a friends house, and I believe only the ladies will be there because the manly men are going to kill some sheep or goats.

Here are some pics of the late night cooking session which is begining as I type.

I know Lasagna is best served right out of the oven, but to be honest I don't feel like lifting a single finger tomorrow, so this will be put in the oven right after I finish this typing..:P

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

I did most of the prep during the day time, because I've been feeling really tired all day, and I wasnt sure if I could make it that late at night. I already finished 2 cheesecakes, started on the lasagna, and in a while I'll be doing Gulab Jamum. My mother in law is making kheer, Biryani, and I dont know exactly what else. I know I'm forgetting a few things, but it's okay. This is really not a lot compared to some houses I've been to, the do the works.

I should probably start cleaning up before I begin again. I'm one of those kind of people who can not cook in a messy kitchen. I HATE that. I clean as I go, always. If I use something I usually wash it right after. Anywhooo, off the work I go.


Monday, November 15, 2010


2 mornings ago I work up to this...When I can outside half of them flew the lawn was covered.

They were all huddled in my "neighbour's" yard. I am slightly terrified of birds, I don't know how legitimate it is in thinking that they have an agenda in pooing on me, and not to mention their beaks, and evil glares, and knack for attacking random people for no reason. Ever since I was in Grade 3 I have been wary of these things.

This is not an everyday occurrence at all. The homeowners do own a dog, and the dog eats outside, but how come these birds haven't showed up before, and were never seen since? Coincidence or conspiracy?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taleem Thursday

Weird, I thought I published this yesterday...

Today I went to Taleem, after a few weeks off and this is what I wore. I don't really think going to Taleem is a place to make a fashion statement, but I thought I'd share none the less. I live in a neighborhood/apt complex with perhaps 98% of the people are Muslim. So every Thursday there is a Women's taleem at selected homes in the complex. I choose to only wear abayas during taleem, to me it feels right, but you can wear anything that's Islamically appropriate. I only own 2 Abayas this black one and a blue one with embroyered flowers. I usally alternater between the two.

This is the book we read from, Faza'il E Amaal, Darul Ishaat publishing, I dont know who the author is. Anyways, Usually the taleem takes place in Urdu, but I have an English translation pictured below and whenever I join or some other non Urdu speaking person joins it's read in English. The book basically is a compilation of stories and different Hadiths, which is separated into six sections:
Stories of the Sahaabah
Virtues of the Holy Quraan
Virtues of Salat
Virtues of Zikr
Virtues of Tabligh
Virtues of Ramadan.

At the end, of the book reading, we usually do the 6 points of Dawah, which is basically a few of the qualities the Sahabah and Sahabiyaats had in their life and if we bring these 6 qualities in our life Allah (SWt) will inshaAllah make it easier for us to follow upon the rest of Deen:

Kalimah (Faith)
Ilk ur- Zikr (knowledge and Remembrance)
Ikraam E Mulimeen (Honor of Muslim)
Ikhlas E Neeyat (Sincerity of intention)
Dawat E Illallah (To Spread the word of Allah)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hijab Haul

I have mentioned Sam Moon before. Maybe not directly but stated in several blogs that certain items were from there, Mostly Hijabs. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!! My Husband first introduced me about 2 and a half years ago. As I was not at all familiar with Dallas. Sam Moon is basically a big gigantic retail/wholesale store. I guess it's known for it's purses. I remember my first time in there I was looking for a camel coloured bag, and I saw a bunch of women just piling bags on-top of bags into their little basket. It's kind of an overwhelming place the first time you go because there is so much to choose from. Bags piled high, jewelry, anything you can think of. My favorite section is the scarfs. I love the fact that hijabs are so easily accessible now a days. When I was younger all I remember wearing was white and black. And was only able to get them at the masjid or from some ladies house. But yes, the hijab section. It's like colour overload.

I initially had gone there for a hijab or 2 for Eid, to match my outfit:

outfit sneak-peek

Unfortunately I didn't have much luck, but it doesn't really matter because I already had a back-up so I'm good in that department. Strangely enough I ended up buying 7 hijabs, 2 pair of earnings and one bracelet. So much for a plan eh. I am kind of regretting the bracelet because it's kinda old looking.

Hijabs Price Range: $5-$8 (most were $5) Apparently I was in a floral mood...:D

Jewelry Price Range: $3-$7

I've always wondered what do they do with all the items that they don't sell...and I mean they have alot of stuff...where does it all go...and that goes for all retailers, where does all the unsold items go? Outlet? but what if the store is an outlet? Charity? I need to find out! A few years back, when I worked in retail, I had asked my manager this same question and she told me something about them going to Toronto and getting destroyed... I don't know if I really believe this, why would you destroy perfectly good wearable clothing? Perhaps I can get a good deal on clothing, shoes or whatever. That will be my official mission as of today.

Sam Moon is currently only located in Texas. A few months ago I saw that more stores popped up around Texas, and I do not doubt that they might have some through out the US...but that might be a slower process. For now online is where you can get a lot of items, unfortunately they don't have scarfs available online yet.

P.S I don't work for this company in any shape or form, I just love their