Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hijab Haul

I have mentioned Sam Moon before. Maybe not directly but stated in several blogs that certain items were from there, Mostly Hijabs. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!! My Husband first introduced me about 2 and a half years ago. As I was not at all familiar with Dallas. Sam Moon is basically a big gigantic retail/wholesale store. I guess it's known for it's purses. I remember my first time in there I was looking for a camel coloured bag, and I saw a bunch of women just piling bags on-top of bags into their little basket. It's kind of an overwhelming place the first time you go because there is so much to choose from. Bags piled high, jewelry, anything you can think of. My favorite section is the scarfs. I love the fact that hijabs are so easily accessible now a days. When I was younger all I remember wearing was white and black. And was only able to get them at the masjid or from some ladies house. But yes, the hijab section. It's like colour overload.

I initially had gone there for a hijab or 2 for Eid, to match my outfit:

outfit sneak-peek

Unfortunately I didn't have much luck, but it doesn't really matter because I already had a back-up so I'm good in that department. Strangely enough I ended up buying 7 hijabs, 2 pair of earnings and one bracelet. So much for a plan eh. I am kind of regretting the bracelet because it's kinda old looking.

Hijabs Price Range: $5-$8 (most were $5) Apparently I was in a floral mood...:D

Jewelry Price Range: $3-$7

I've always wondered what do they do with all the items that they don't sell...and I mean they have alot of stuff...where does it all go...and that goes for all retailers, where does all the unsold items go? Outlet? but what if the store is an outlet? Charity? I need to find out! A few years back, when I worked in retail, I had asked my manager this same question and she told me something about them going to Toronto and getting destroyed... I don't know if I really believe this, why would you destroy perfectly good wearable clothing? Perhaps I can get a good deal on clothing, shoes or whatever. That will be my official mission as of today.

Sam Moon is currently only located in Texas. A few months ago I saw that more stores popped up around Texas, and I do not doubt that they might have some through out the US...but that might be a slower process. For now online is where you can get a lot of items www.SamMoon.com, unfortunately they don't have scarfs available online yet.

P.S I don't work for this company in any shape or form, I just love their Hijabs..lol.

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