Friday, January 28, 2011

Mini Mani

As-Salaam Alaikum

I was a little bit bored so I decided to do a 'mini-mani" on one Here's my zebra pattern nail.
Sally Hansen: Mint Sorbet
Orly: Enchanted Forest

The lines are a little bit shaky..(I am left handed and I for some reason decided to paint my left hand nail). Insha'Allah next mini-mani I'll make sure to paint my right hand. I'm goning to go and remove the polish now. I just thought I'd share. Hope you liked it!!

PS, my nails are growing :))

Home and Previous Posts link???

I've been looking at my blog, and I noticed that it doesn't have a "Older posts" or "Previous Posts" when you scroll down to the come, I wish I was techy so I could figure it out...HELP!!!!

I can see Previous posts on the side but I want it at the bottom:(


I think it's about time I decided to get a blazer. I've been wanting one for a while now. I was in target the other day and they had these blazers in hoodie fabric (Cotton Jersey?). I thought to myself this is such a cute idea yet they were kinda ugly. But yeah, I WANT A GOOD BLAZER.

Here are some that I've been having my eye on.

Forever21 (this is my favourite because of the cuffs, too bad it doesn't come in black)

A'gaci (This one comes in 4 colours: White, Brown, Charcoal, and Black)

Forever 21

Charlotte Russe

The all kind of look the same..but details matters.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Transition Time

With spring fast approaching this is the perfect time to transition you fall/winter wardrobe info the limbo period before spring. It's time to bust out some colour. Here's a look that I think fits perfectly with this time.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pearl Daisy Dupe

Today I was in Walgreens to pick up my sons medicine, and right at the entrance there were a bunch of scarfs. Naturally I stopped because Hijabs/scarfs are my weakness. But yes look what I came across, a gem of all identical copy of a Pearl Daisy hijab, Night Time Pansies. The hijabs didn't have a price on them only a UPC code but the gloves and other stuff on the rack said $6. So I figured that they
would be under $6. I was right, the white one was 5.99 and the PD copy was $4.01 (I know odd but that is what it was). You have to understand my happiness when I got home and went on the PD site. I made the ridiculous expression "YEAH YEAH!" because that hijab was out of stock forever and I don't have any luck what's so ever getting any hijab I want on that site because people buy them out so quickly.

Overall great find, and if you want to get your hands on a PD dupe head over to walgreens, they had one that was similar to "Midnight Fuchsia" and "Classic Flower Print. I might go get those too also..:P

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time For a Change!!!

I feel like it's time to change the way my blog looks..I want it to be fresh and clean in appearance!!!

Glitter Smokey Eye

I was on Youtube (per usual) and I came across this very pretty eye tutorial. It is beyond easy...Only 4 items required: Kohl Eye Liner, Glitter liner, Mascara, a blending Brush

This look is perfect for parties. I also tried one with gold glitter and Dark Brown eyeliner and I unfortunately couldn't get a good picture (I need to buy a new camera, seriously, I've been saying this for 2.5 years) the gold and brown is softer/warmer looking. Very pretty.

My Results are down below. One with silver glitter and one with multi-coloured glitter. I wonder how it'll look if I use a bright eye liner with the glitter...experiment time!!!

With Silver Glitter Liner

With Multi-Coloured Glitter Liner "Disco Queen"

Here is the turtorial! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Colours use from light to dark: Ulta: Vintage Violet, Ulta: Plum Perfect, and Sally Hansen: Deeply Violet

I happen to do alot of housework, and with a 2 year old potty training thats regurlar housework times 2. My hands are always busy and usually cleaning up something, so my polish lasts maybe 2 days tops. And thats with a no chip top coat as well. I guess people who have the same polish on for a week do very little, I don't know.

Over the last few days I've been reapplying my polish in my down time or changing it up. I was trying out a little something with a leopard print pattern. I personally think it looks so cute :P

I also wore this colour earlier in the week, but this is a bad nail job. I was just trying it out to see what it looked like..You can see the Deeply Violet around the

Colour: Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nail Polish of The Month (NPOTM)

As-Salaam Alaikum all. I try my best to wear nail polish at least once a month. I have a lot of polish and I try my best to use as much as possible. I cant wear it as much as I would like to because of wudu and salat, but I absolutely enjoy the days when I can. So I try my best to wear nail polish at least once a month. I am currently in the process of collecting more polish and I'm going to try to be more daring in my colour choices. I happen to love purples and I have those by the dozens. I fell in love with orange (neon) last summer while waiting at the Drivers License place with my sister-in-Law (SIL). There was this lady sitting next to us and on her toe nails was this NEON Orange colour and I just kept staring at it. I was a little bit bewitched by the gorgeousness of the colour. Unfortunately I didn't ask her what the colour/brand. Anyway I searched and searched and got something similar. A Piggy Polish called Orange County.

Okay here is my nail of the month. I got this nail polish a while ago. It was kind of by accident. I was in walmart and found this really nice dark purple (sally Hansen) that reminded me of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, which came out the same thime that Chicago movie came out. I think it was a collection associated with that movie..I adored that colour, but left it back in Canada with all my other randoms when I moved here.
I didn't buy the colour that I saw in the store..but my SIL was going to walmart again that day, and I told her to get me the colour, but she got the wrong one :(. This was a happy accident though because I ended up loving that polish just the same.

Next Polish buy will be OPI Serena Williams Collection. So far it's only one colour "Simply Smashing" along with Black Shatter. They are going to be 3 more colours coming out in regards to her collection. Yes if that is not daring I dont know what it...Perhaps I'll post it earlier than next month...

Winter Look

I have been a little MIA for a while. The holidays seemed to take over my life, then sickness, then tiredness. (is that even a work) but I am back not alhumdulillah. I've come up with a look that was a little bit inspired by today's snow. Yes people it's snowing in Texas. I am happy because I love first snows, only first snow though. I also hate it when people ruin the snow. Footprints, car tire imprints, dirt...nastiness.

Yes back to the clothes. Here is the look I came up with..see I was being a little lazy not to using photoshop. This look is comfy and cozy. You have the over-sized sweater for warmth and comfort.