Sunday, November 7, 2010

Casual Chic

Casual Chic in my opinion is a combination of looking stylish and fashion forward while still maintaining comfort. I've put together a look that I think is the definition of "Casual Chic" and it's clearly Hajabi friendly. This look is perfect for the fall/winter months because you have the layering, with the coverage and the warmth. I thought that a warm wool scarf around the neck adds great volume and definition. Another great thing I find about this look is the Maxi Dress. I feel that a maxi dress can be a year round staple. Granted I don't think bright summery prints and colors would work well for fall/winter, but they are no real rules to fashion, so if you want to add some bright hues to the dull grays and blacks, by all means.

PS. I have one follower...I am so pleased. To everyone, one may seem like nothing; but it's a wonderful thing for me considering I just made this blog because I love fashion, and I wanted to do something a little fun in my spare time. SO a BIG thank you to my lovely follower!!! I feel the love!

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