Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taleem Thursday

Weird, I thought I published this yesterday...

Today I went to Taleem, after a few weeks off and this is what I wore. I don't really think going to Taleem is a place to make a fashion statement, but I thought I'd share none the less. I live in a neighborhood/apt complex with perhaps 98% of the people are Muslim. So every Thursday there is a Women's taleem at selected homes in the complex. I choose to only wear abayas during taleem, to me it feels right, but you can wear anything that's Islamically appropriate. I only own 2 Abayas this black one and a blue one with embroyered flowers. I usally alternater between the two.

This is the book we read from, Faza'il E Amaal, Darul Ishaat publishing, I dont know who the author is. Anyways, Usually the taleem takes place in Urdu, but I have an English translation pictured below and whenever I join or some other non Urdu speaking person joins it's read in English. The book basically is a compilation of stories and different Hadiths, which is separated into six sections:
Stories of the Sahaabah
Virtues of the Holy Quraan
Virtues of Salat
Virtues of Zikr
Virtues of Tabligh
Virtues of Ramadan.

At the end, of the book reading, we usually do the 6 points of Dawah, which is basically a few of the qualities the Sahabah and Sahabiyaats had in their life and if we bring these 6 qualities in our life Allah (SWt) will inshaAllah make it easier for us to follow upon the rest of Deen:

Kalimah (Faith)
Ilk ur- Zikr (knowledge and Remembrance)
Ikraam E Mulimeen (Honor of Muslim)
Ikhlas E Neeyat (Sincerity of intention)
Dawat E Illallah (To Spread the word of Allah)

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