Saturday, October 30, 2010


The look I have today was inspired by one of the hottest colors for fall...CAMEL. I love the fact that this color is so versatile. It goes with pretty much everything/color. Stripes have also migrated from the summer. I've paired the camel trousers with a navy/white striped tunic. and added a splash of red to give the look a little spunk.

Red and Camel go well together, so you can pair a camel pant with a red turtle neck or whatever you like. Denim also works wonderfully with the color. It give it a more casual feel with the sophistication still there. In my opinion the brighter blue the better it looks. So try it out.

Another thing I'm loving this season is the "Little House on the Prairie"/Victorian type shoes. I've been to Aldo and such and checked them out...hehe but a little out of my price range...a girl can dream though.

Quit quip: I need to stop spelling color (with a U) how very Canadian of .The spell check wont leave me alone.

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