Friday, April 29, 2011


As-Salaam Alaikum, I actually forgot to post these pics of my outfit I wore to my little "talk" with USCIS.

Top & Bracelet: H&M (It was a gift from my sister) we need H&M here in Dallas ASAP!
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Bakers
Purse: Marshalls
Watch & Hijab: Sam Moon

Spring Eye

I wanted to create a spring eye. I know that bright bold colours are in for this season when it comes to eye makeup. This look was inspired by my Orchid, Albert. Yes I name my plants!

I used BH cosmetics 120 palette, 2nd Edition.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Print

I was experimenting with prints on print. I'm no expert, but I think I kind of got it..still a work in progress, but I'm excited to try out more combos.

Sweater: Target
Dress: Forever21
Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Purse: Marshalls
Scarf/Hijab: Sam Moon

A Little Something Something

I made this salad yesterday!! Delicious. Black Eyed Pea Salad!!

Child Labor at it's best! I love my munchkin!

Contest Entry!!!

I'm entering a contest.. and you can too..

Blogger Sara Hassan is giving away Sigma Brushes...whoot whoot!

Info below

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nails, ooh la la!

A few nail designs I did over the weekend, Really wanted to experiment with water marbling again. Sorry for the messy edges..

USCIS update!!!

A few posts back I went on a rant about how an employee with USCIS (US Customs and Immigration Service) didn't allow me to wear full hijab when I was taking my biometric photo. She told me that I needed to show my hairline. I called USCIS customer service the very next day and I was told that there is no such rule regarding a person wearing head covering for religious purposes. They also told me to go to the Dallas service center to get more information regarding this matter. I made an appointment to speak with am immigration official.

On Friday I had my appointment. The man at the reception/check-in was very rude to me when I was telling him why I was there, and he kept telling me no I'm wrong etc. This is not the department to deal with those issues and I would have to go to the place that took my biometrics and tell them there. I tried explaining to him that it was actually the customer service person who told me to go there in the first place, but he kind of didn't want to hear. So since I needed to get my passport stamped anyways I decided I'll get that take care of first and tell whoever I was to be assigned with what my real problem was.
Fast forward 1 hour and 20 mins of waiting for my number to be called, I get my passport taken care of. I asked the lady, what are your official rules regarding people who wear hijab or head covers for religious reason why getting photos and biometric photos done. I explained to the lady what happen 2 weeks prior. So she obliged and get me the info I needed. I came to find out what I already knew, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHOW YOUR HAIR IF YOU ARE TAKING ANY PHOTO, be it passport, Citizenship Application, Permanent Residency, Biometrics, whatever, Any USCIS application that requires a photo, you can keep your hair completely covered. From my understanding of what was read to me, your face needs for be visible, and the eyebrows must show. My face was showing, my eyebrows were showing, so I don not know why that lady made me show my hair 1, and 2, make me ruin my perfect hijab style, that I literally spent the whole night perfecting just for the photo.

After the lady read me the rules, I told her point blank, my rights were violated and someone took advantage of their position of authority and abused immigration law. So she said she personally apologized on behalf of that other lady and said since I brought this up, she's going to send a memo stating the rules of hijab/head covering to all the other service centers and application support centers. So insha'Allah other sisters like me wouldn't have to deal what I went through.

I left feeling happy with what I did, and how it could affect many others but at the same time I was a little unsatisfied, because I know it will happen again. I just feel like somthing more needs to be done. But I don't know if I should take it to the next level, legally speaking. I don't want money out of this. What I want is for their own laws to be followed by their employees. To be continued, insha'Allah.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today I wanted to wear my colourful leopard print scarf. I was inspired to finally put it on when I was randomly looking at blogs and saw this sister wearing the same exact scarf. She wore it so well, I decided to give it a go. When I initially bought this hijab, I wasn't sure if I made the right purchase. You know how sometimes you buy a hijab and when you try it on it does not look as nice as you have hoped.This was my initial thought of this hijab when I was looking at it, but I got it because it was too pretty to just let it sit there.

Here are my results...Denim Jacket: Macy's
Shirt: Melrose
Hijab: Sam Moon
Pants: (You cant see them, but Forever21)

This hijab is perfect for spring/summer, and since today was such a gloomy day here I thought it'll cheer me up (Texas for some reason has such bipolar weather). I wanted to keep my outfit fairly simple considering there is quite a lot of action going on with this particular hijab. I decided to add some folds to the hijab to show off the gradient coloration. Alhumdulillah it looked beautiful.

In case you are wondering, I'm also wearing black wide legged linen pants.

I just realized that the sister who's blog I came upon was the same sister I got my Hijab organization/storage from. Subhana'Allah, I guess the internet isn't that big of a place after all. Check out her blog (Reveiling Yourself), Masha'Allah she has some wonderful tips and tricks. Her youtube channel is of the same name.

xoxo~ Fatima

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Allergies,

Why must you continue stalking me? I want you to go away asap and never see you again...
in the mean time..this will open up my sinuses!

I <3 you!

Interesting side note, I did not suffer from allergies until moving to Texas. At times like these I wish I were back home in Vancouver!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tres Magnifique

Best image I saw online this week.

Sally Haul + Nail Art

CG: Heaven
CG: China Rouge
CG: Liquid Leather
SH: White Out

Sally's Beauty was having a special. But 2 get one free. I know I shouldn't be a sucker for those things..but seriously nail polish has become my weakness.

I got China Glaze "China Rouge", CG "Heaven", and Orly "Tiara". I also picked up Seche Vite top coat. Unfortunately that wasn't part of the promo.

Disclaimer: I do not promote disregarding your daily prayers and wearing polish all day if you are able to pray.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're Just Horsing Around dare you!?

On Thursday I had an appointment with USCIS to get my biometrics taken. For those who don't know, Biometrics is when you get your photograph and finger prints taken during the immigration process. So I went there, makeup done, hijab done to my liking etc. The lady who was doing the photo was friendly and whatnot. So I did the finger prints and now comes the photo. I sat down in the little chair ready to face the camera. Then she tells me I have to show your hairline. I was taken aback because all throughout this immigration process every photo I have taken was with full hijab. USCIS hasn't rejected any of my photos thus far. This is actually my second time taking the biometric photos and the first time I had no problem with my hijab.

I had asked for a mirror. There was none available so I asked if I can use the washroom to adjust my scarf so no neck would show. I was the only one getting photos taken at that time, in fact I was the only applicant in that room so I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But she said no. I stood up to loosen my Hijab (still a little unsure), and she said, "don't get up, you don't want anyone to see you". I was like o-k-a-y. It was strange because she was nice but bossy at the same time. She kept assuring me that I look fine and everything so I let her take the photo, in the back of my head thinking that maybe this is new rule, while at the same time thinking this cant be, because why would they violate someone's religious rights?

She had taken 2 photos, the first one she said I looked stiff and scared, *I at the time was still confused, so I guess it showed up in the photo*. She processed to take another one, and she said it turned out beautiful and "see no one will ever know". She then told me to go to the bathroom and fix my hijab. I was shocked! I glanced at the photo and saw my neck completely exposed. I had no idea that my neck was even showing. I asked if I can retake the picture, she told me no. I left there felling so bad and a little bit ashamed of what I did.

Fast forward to Friday, I called up USCIS customer service and asked them about the Hijab and hairline. They told me as for as they know the rules regarding the hijab or "religious covering" has not changed. My jaw dropped, I could of kept my hair completely covered.

I am suppose to have an appointment with an immigration official insha'Allah next week regarding what happened. I have no idea why she did that. I really don't understand. Did she willing do it to me knowing what her rules were, or did she just not know? I just want it taken care of and hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else. Insha'Allah wish me luck in this appointment. I don't know if I want to go through the whole process of redoing the photo etc and I don't know if this meeting will delay my application. I really want this issue to be addressed though because they cant just go around abusing their own law and violating my rights. INsha'Allah things will work out.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sam Moon & Pearl Daisy Dupe

Jumah Mubarak Everyone!

I've mentioned Sam Moon a lot on this blog before. Well yesterday I went down to the store and grabbed me about 6 or so hijabs. Here's what I came home with.

Mostly Floral Prints, I might just give some away. My sister has been asking me to get her some, so she'll probably end up with 2 or 3. Who knows some might go to my Giveaway I want to have.

I was a little unimpressed with the selection they had...a lot were the same styles from the last time I went there last Eid. I was hoping to find some lace, you know trendier stuff..but I'm happy with what I got.
Oh speaking of lace, look what I found in Payless...

Looks familiar? Yup you got it another Pearl Daisy Dupe. Two differences I realized. It only has one flower, where as PD's has 2 and it's not as wide at the PD Vintage Couture. When I saw this I HAD to buy it. It matches my outfit that I'm going to wear to my son's birthday party perfectly, on top of that it was olive. They had navy, black, olive and this dull magenta colour. They were also on sale from 12.99 US.

Hobo Complete

Alhumdulillah I am finished. My first hand made purse!



I still need to put a button on the closure but all in all it's ready to go!

Next sewing project insha'Allah is a top! I went fabric shopping yesterday and found this cute print. APPLES!!! We'll see if I actually make it into a top or another purse!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lauren Booth

Today I found out that Lauren Booth the sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair is speaking at a masjid near by tonight. Her speech will take place @ 8:00pm. I found this out 10 mins ago. It is currently 8:14 pm. It'll take me about 20 mins to drive there and that's a little pointless. I am sad I wont be attending :(

Kinda want to do a giveaway

I really want to do one..only because I think it'll be fun, and who doesn't like free stuff? The only down side is I only have like 2 what do you think comment below.. If I get a positive response I'll do one :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sewing a bag!!!

I recently picked up this book from the library:

I will attempt to sew my very own bag....I'll keep you updated insha'Allah

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rainbow Nails

Neutral Eye

Yesterday I tried this very neutral winged eye, and I've decided it will be my every day eye makeup.


I said I'll share some pics of my trip to Houston, so here they are!!!