Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini Haul

Hey guys,

I know hauls are usually in video form, but, I'm not really into vlogging, perhaps in the near future.
Over the weekend I went to Sally's Beauty Supply store in hopes of getting Loreal Natural Therapy Unfrizz Taming Creme but the
n I found out that they discontinued it. The lady wasnt really clear, and she really didn't know she said either the store discontinued it or Loreal...any-who, I needed something to I got this other product..Ion Anti-Frizz Solutions Lusterizing Cream, it cost around $8.00 with my beauty card, it was a bit expensive I thought. One the plus size it is 100% Vegan, which is good because I didn't have to worry about glycerin and it it was animal base or plant base. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to later on today.
I also went to get an eyeshadow primer so I purchased
Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer, $7 and I found this Orly mail polish in a sales bin which cost me $1.99, I was happy. Orly usually runs you about $6-$7. The colour is Purple Pleather and its a matte base, it looks so pretty. At first I wasnt really a fan of Matte nail colours but they grew on me. I'm not too sure how fall this colour is though, but I love it none the less.

My second stop of the weekend was Ulta Beauty.

went there to buy specifics. Eyeliner and fake
lashes. Both eyelines are Ulta brand and they were having a promotion 2 for $6. One cost $7 regular price and I got both for $6. You do the math. FREE!
One was the
Automatic Eye Liner in Raisin and the other was Khol Eye Liner Pencil in Aqua. I wanted an aqua colour to match my Eid outfit and I picked the Rasin becasue it reminded me of my mom.

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