Thursday, October 21, 2010


As-Salaam Alaikum as you all may know Hajj is just around the corner. Insha'allah for those who are preforming hajj this year may Allah (SWT) accept your hajj and accept your duas.

I wont be doing hajj this year but Insha'Allah if Allah so wills it before I am 30 yrs. That has been my goal since I was very young.

I've been scanning a few sites for hajj clothing..and I came across this gift set which I thought was a very practical and cute. It's from $39.69
Another great online store for Hajj and Ummrah products is their items are pretty inexpensive.

They sell hijabs, abayas and a bunch of other stuff as well. But a lot of their abayas are on the steeper end of the spectrum. A little out of my price range. They are pretty to look at though.:)

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