Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Water Marble Nails

Ok... so yesterday I was reading a blog...I forgot the name and I didnt bookmark or anything. This water marble technique reminded me of "Ebru" a Turkish art technique and it basically means the same thing (Marbling).

First Attempt at Water Marbling

I love nail polish but I don't wear it often except for my off days. (Hopefully my hijabi sisters would understand). Anyways I searched youtube to get an idea of what to do. With not much success because I kept typing in water colour nails. And the youtube videos that came up were poor quality and they didn't tell me what tempurature the water should be..and after several attempts with warm water I tried it with cold water and the polish didn't dry as quickly and I was able to achieve the marble affect.

I found a great youtube link, she has some cool designs. The video also acts as a tutorial.

The colours on my middle finger are:
Sally Hansen -Deeply Violet
Essie-Pink Parka

On my Ring Finger:
China Glaze- 5 Golden Rings
Nina Ultra Pro- Bossa Nova

All in all I think my first attempt was a success.

A quick tip tip some tape or Vaseline around your finger so you wont have that much of a mess. I used vasaline, and all I had to do was wipe..oh and also use a base colour before you do the marbling especially if you'r doing a sheer colour like "5 golden rings"..the colours would stand out more.

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