Friday, May 6, 2011

*Turn Something New Into Something Newer*

As-Salaam Alaikum Ladies,

Jummah Mubarak!!

The other day I went to forever21 and was rummaging through the little 4.99 and up rack and came across this thin striped sweater dress. When I got it I knew it would be a little tight but I was like I can wear a cardigan over it. Then it dawned on me..this can be a cardigan. So I decided to turn it into are the results..(Sadly I didn't take a before pic because I didn't think to post this, but when I was done I had my a-ha moment...)

Let us pretend this was the before pic (lol)

All sewed up

End result, a cute cardigan. Hooray for ingenuity.

All I did was cut along the center, lengthwise. Sew the raw edges. You can even add buttons etc, but I'm not quite there yet. Yeah this how it's done. It's very simple, and I don't think you have to be the best sewer to do this . I am a beginner with a capital "B" and I did it. I think hand stitching would work just as good too.
Please let me know what you think. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)


  1. That is sooo good!! love it<3 omg you're so creative:D thank god it turned out great, aye? <3

  2. Masha'Allah! What a great idea! I will try it out, too, insha'Allah.
    It's gorgeous!

    Check out my blog:

  3. @yasmin, Thank you. I was so happy it turned out good, as I am a NOVICE sewer and I can barely sew a straight line. Alhumdulillah!

    @ Hijab and Fashion. Thank you!! I hope you try it. It is really easy. P.S I checked out your blog and followed!!


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