Sunday, May 29, 2011

NOTD: Purple Petal!!!

As-Salaam All, I know I haven't written in a while..SO MUCH is going on right now :( Some good, some bad. Insha'Allah please make dua. I truly believe the in a the power of prayer.

This will be a nail post. For the better part of the week I've been wearing this mani. The days I get to wear polish all day are my favourite days!

Sally Hansen: Lacey Lilac
NYC: Uptown
China Glaze: Ahoy!
Orly: Enchanted Forest

I was trying out a different combo...
China Glaze: For Audrey
Sinful Colors: Hazard
NYC: Times Square
Orly: Enchanted Forest

It really saddens me that my camera didn't pick up the golden, ruby flecks in Ahoy! It was so pretty and shimmery when the light hit the nail.


  1. salamzz

    i've just discovered your blog. i love your style and the way you wear your hijab ^^! i was wondering how do you pray if you are wearing nail polish? and do you think that nail polish is compatible with the hijab values?

    and i do not mean to be rude or something !
    and sorry for my english i am from France, and you know how french people are, right? :)

  2. @anonymous


    Not to worry I am not offended at all. I knew it would eventually come up. The thing is when I wear polish I am not praying; if you get my drift lol..I'm on holiday. The days I am not on my menses when I wear polish I usually do it for my blog then try to wear it as long as I can before my next Salat. (I usually put it on on after Duhr prayer) that way I have some time before Asr. Nail polish is something I love and enjoy being creative with. So I basically adapt my love for polish and fit it around my beliefs, if that makes sense.. So I don't think wearing polish compromises my hijab/islamic values at all.

  3. i glad that you're not offended!
    i understand what you mean, we have all our ways to be modest. may god guide us in the right path!


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