Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's Compare

I just wanted to see how this would turn out. I used OPI's Black Shatter and OPI's Silver Shatter.

I've noticed that back shatter goes well with busy nail designs underneath. It really adds a very cool affect. So I decised to see if silver shatter would do the same. Going in I originally thought no, because the silver had a alot going on with the sparkle and the shattering. So a busy back drop would not work so well. I think I was right. I used the same design on both fingers, (mulit-coloured polka dots with a white base).

without shatter

With shatter: Black & Silver

I decided to retry the same design with a black base instead and that was an epic fail.

I put too much product on, and the parts that did shatter looked bad because the polish itself is on the sheer side so it was not successful at all.

I feel silver Shatter goes well with cream polishes. Solid colours. In a way Silver Shatter is more classy where as Black shatter is more daring.

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