Friday, January 21, 2011

Pearl Daisy Dupe

Today I was in Walgreens to pick up my sons medicine, and right at the entrance there were a bunch of scarfs. Naturally I stopped because Hijabs/scarfs are my weakness. But yes look what I came across, a gem of all identical copy of a Pearl Daisy hijab, Night Time Pansies. The hijabs didn't have a price on them only a UPC code but the gloves and other stuff on the rack said $6. So I figured that they
would be under $6. I was right, the white one was 5.99 and the PD copy was $4.01 (I know odd but that is what it was). You have to understand my happiness when I got home and went on the PD site. I made the ridiculous expression "YEAH YEAH!" because that hijab was out of stock forever and I don't have any luck what's so ever getting any hijab I want on that site because people buy them out so quickly.

Overall great find, and if you want to get your hands on a PD dupe head over to walgreens, they had one that was similar to "Midnight Fuchsia" and "Classic Flower Print. I might go get those too also..:P

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