Thursday, January 13, 2011


Colours use from light to dark: Ulta: Vintage Violet, Ulta: Plum Perfect, and Sally Hansen: Deeply Violet

I happen to do alot of housework, and with a 2 year old potty training thats regurlar housework times 2. My hands are always busy and usually cleaning up something, so my polish lasts maybe 2 days tops. And thats with a no chip top coat as well. I guess people who have the same polish on for a week do very little, I don't know.

Over the last few days I've been reapplying my polish in my down time or changing it up. I was trying out a little something with a leopard print pattern. I personally think it looks so cute :P

I also wore this colour earlier in the week, but this is a bad nail job. I was just trying it out to see what it looked like..You can see the Deeply Violet around the

Colour: Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.

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