Saturday, January 15, 2011

Glitter Smokey Eye

I was on Youtube (per usual) and I came across this very pretty eye tutorial. It is beyond easy...Only 4 items required: Kohl Eye Liner, Glitter liner, Mascara, a blending Brush

This look is perfect for parties. I also tried one with gold glitter and Dark Brown eyeliner and I unfortunately couldn't get a good picture (I need to buy a new camera, seriously, I've been saying this for 2.5 years) the gold and brown is softer/warmer looking. Very pretty.

My Results are down below. One with silver glitter and one with multi-coloured glitter. I wonder how it'll look if I use a bright eye liner with the glitter...experiment time!!!

With Silver Glitter Liner

With Multi-Coloured Glitter Liner "Disco Queen"

Here is the turtorial! Enjoy!!!

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