Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nail Polish of The Month (NPOTM)

As-Salaam Alaikum all. I try my best to wear nail polish at least once a month. I have a lot of polish and I try my best to use as much as possible. I cant wear it as much as I would like to because of wudu and salat, but I absolutely enjoy the days when I can. So I try my best to wear nail polish at least once a month. I am currently in the process of collecting more polish and I'm going to try to be more daring in my colour choices. I happen to love purples and I have those by the dozens. I fell in love with orange (neon) last summer while waiting at the Drivers License place with my sister-in-Law (SIL). There was this lady sitting next to us and on her toe nails was this NEON Orange colour and I just kept staring at it. I was a little bit bewitched by the gorgeousness of the colour. Unfortunately I didn't ask her what the colour/brand. Anyway I searched and searched and got something similar. A Piggy Polish called Orange County.

Okay here is my nail of the month. I got this nail polish a while ago. It was kind of by accident. I was in walmart and found this really nice dark purple (sally Hansen) that reminded me of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, which came out the same thime that Chicago movie came out. I think it was a collection associated with that movie..I adored that colour, but left it back in Canada with all my other randoms when I moved here.
I didn't buy the colour that I saw in the store..but my SIL was going to walmart again that day, and I told her to get me the colour, but she got the wrong one :(. This was a happy accident though because I ended up loving that polish just the same.

Next Polish buy will be OPI Serena Williams Collection. So far it's only one colour "Simply Smashing" along with Black Shatter. They are going to be 3 more colours coming out in regards to her collection. Yes if that is not daring I dont know what it...Perhaps I'll post it earlier than next month...

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