Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Navy Sale

I was in old navy this weekend and they were having 50% off Clearance Prices. I purchased 2 items

Shoes: Famous Footware
Hijab: Sam Moon
Necklace: Forever21
Everything else Old Navy

my favourite pair shoes ever. I wear them every single day at work and they are dieing on me:(

Women's Belted Pleated Capris and Women's Open Pointelle Sweaters. The sales price on for the sweater differs from in-store and online. Online it's $10 more. But yes 50% off the sales price plus a $5 coupon I had already =CHEAP!!!

I basically got my pants for nearly 3 bucks!!!


  1. Love them shoes and the pants mashaallah.. :) Much Love, Nad

  2. love your outfit! the colors are so perrdy and I love the crochet detail!! What a great deal!


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