Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trying Something New!!!

I've decided to make use of my YouTube account, and possibly post some of my nail designs. I don't think I would be doing tutorials as of yet. This is not really set in stone, just experimenting.

Here is a nail design I did before Ramadan. It was inspired by a Hijab.

Thanna: Vintage Head/ HijabisGotSwag

SH: Chocolate Chiffon, Essie: Sand Tropes, CG: China Rogue, Essie: Mink Muffs.

Let my know, do you prefer video or pictures or even both. I know a blog is mainly meant for photo but I just wanted to test the waters.


  1. That's really awesome. I love how creative nails are trendy again. I always used to paint cool things on my nails in middle school and in high school. Wish I had more time to do it :)

  2. this is amazing :) Love it! <3

  3. woooow i wish i had the patience to do that lol

    :o) Adan With a Twist


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