Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kinda want to do a giveaway

I really want to do one..only because I think it'll be fun, and who doesn't like free stuff? The only down side is I only have like 2 what do you think comment below.. If I get a positive response I'll do one :)


  1. salaaam sis (: though i dont see you much on MM anymore, i say hold off on the giveaway and get more followers first o.o you should try making a tumblr and updating there (: im sure i can help spread your awesome blog around there :D

    also you inspired me to do my nails :D i never do my nails but the one design you did with the robin egg blue and black was so cute! <3 i think i might do a blog post and then link your blog around on tumblr n__n

  2. I dont have time to go on MM anymore, the only free time I have is when my little guy is sleeping and I usually do a quick nail and then take it off and them housework and time is TAKEN UP! insha'Allah I would try to go on more often. Thank you though!


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