Sunday, December 18, 2011


I was extremely excited when H&M finally opened a store in the Dallas area which was about 2 months ago. It was so far from me but I went to the store maybe a month after it opened hoping the lines wont be so long and I would be able to actually purchase something..WRONG! since it was the the only store it was super packed..and oddly enough extremely dark lighting which turned me off completely.

I got a little jolt of excitement when my neighbor told me one was opening in the local mall.

I went to the mall today (Dec. 18th) so my son can play in the play area, and to my surprise I saw a sign saying Grand Opening Dec 15th. [Clearly I don't not read my malls] I peeked in, [the lightning in this location was bright and cheerful] to see how long the lines were and it was reasonable so I decided to browse and eventually came out with a purchase. It's offically my first H&M purchase in 5 years since moving to this Country and City!

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