Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hats and Hijabs

I was on the Aldo website recently looking at shoes and scarfs. I came across this hat. I think it's really cute, but I am not really sure if I would be able to pull it off. I've worn hats with hijab 2 or 3 times. In the winter I wore a toque (Beanie) with my hijab and caps. I think when we went to Miami I wore a dollar store straw has but I did not really style it well. It was mainly an "I am tired of the sun hitting my face so I need something to cover me up a little" and that's what I did, just plopped a hat on my head. I didnt look bad but it didn't look great. (Hence the reason no pictures were taken lol)
What I am interested in is how to style it correctly. I kind or think the "Spanish Wrap style would work well for this kind of hat...I wonder if they are more. That will be my mission. Find great tutorial that would compliment this larger hat..:)

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  1. Check my blog for how I styled mine. Best wishes... salam alaikum! :)


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