Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In my down time

I love reading...but more so than that; I love giving people presents. Seriously. It's my excuse to wrap things up all nice and pretty. I have a slight obsession with Wrapping paper, Bags, Ribbon, Tissue...everything and anything that has to do with gifts, I LOVE. Here is the most recent gift I did..

My husband's cousin's wife is about to give birth to her first child. Actually her due date is Today, or tomorrow it all depends one when I publish this and who reads it from where..but Dec 2nd is the due date.

I made the bows myself..see crafty ;). I love doing this kind of stuff. I've always been a crafty person, but to be honest gift wrapping is probably my favorite craft project.

You have a gift I'll wrap it for ya!!! no charge. I get paid in happiness and the satisfaction of people liking what they see.

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